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 2017-06-24---ROSE-MARIE  is truly beyond gifted,during the reading,she gave specific names described area of my home to a T, along with items in my home down to the exact color,and described what i was wearing and that i had a water bottle by my beside me. I know she was connected with my mom and sister. I'AM SO IMPRESSED WITH THIS LADY'S GIFT.

MICHELLE RIIt all started as entertainment with my friend, as I am the biggest skeptic. Rose recognized that I was a skeptic and told me she would make a believer out of me. Her readings have been an eye opener. They are sincere and helpful. She has enriched my life in so many ways and has made a believer out of me. I now see life from a whole different angle. Thanks, Rose, for being you. You are truly blessed and I am blessed to know you." - Anonymous

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I always wondered about psychics, I only believed that few if any were honest. Well I was over at a friends house overnight and she had Rose coming in the morning but I have ZERO intention in trying this out.....well I did just cause of curiosity and I tell you that this woman knew stuff about me she couldn't, about my family and about things in the present I didn't know about until I stumbled upon it a month later...she is the real deal! Really!

  • all I have to say is Rose blew me away..... in a good way.... :)

  • It has been a pleasure knowing Rose for a number of years now....At the age of 14, I started going to psychics and yes there are quite a few ,who are not very good....Rose has always been very accurate ....To know what she knows is amazing, makes you feel great ,knowing we all have spirits around.....One time at a friends house party, I heard water through the was something else.....For a few years now, Rose has been coming down to Cape Island and she has many clients down this way......Even if you lose your keys, she knows where they week I had another amazing reading with friends....Wishing Rose the best for the future and a great New Year.....Hope you find what you are looking for, just hope you don't go toooo far......lolol...Like one client said......Rose is the real deal....Give her a try.......You will be amazed......

  • Rose has guided me along my journey and was able to offer me amazing guidance. There was so many things that where unclear about my life, career, and the animals around me. Rose was able clear the path and allow me to believe in myself. She was able to clearly point out things that has happened recently that was important to me and also things that where to happen. As the time is going by all I can say is AMAZING and I live in a much better place then before because of Rose's guidance. Many things she told me has made sense. An amazing thing was she was also able to guide me with my animals and tell me what they required and was able to tell me more about them ... an amazing experience ... looking forward to the next time. If your at a point in your life you need guidance because you feel stuck - contact Rose. I Highly recommended Rose. 

  • I have been seeing Rose for a good many years. I know when I'm due for more guidance and she's always able to accommodate my needs. One of the many things I admire about Rose is that she doesn't pull her punches. I might not like what she has to say about my own role in my circumstances but I can't grow without knowing about it, and the choice is left up to me as to whether or not I do something about it. While I can't always identify who is communicating to me through her at the time, it becomes very clear shortly afterwards,and although the timelines tend to be in terms of years rather than months where I'm concerned the details are precise and accurate. I have faith in her and in her abilities, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. This faith in psychic abilities might seem to be at odds with my scientific bent but that just goes to demonstrate the duality of human nature. Thank you Rose for your unerring guidance and truth.

  • I was astonished when at an event I met Rose, and she told me she was a medium, and the preceded to tell me the most accurate information I have ever heard. She gave me some information about my sister that I didn't know, but later confirmed with my sister. The message she gave me for my sister from the other side was so important it changed my sister forever in a positive way. I have since had a reading for myself, and although at the time I did not believe what she was saying it came true. There are very few people that are truly gifted as Rose is, and I am so grateful for her guidance. Blessings, Susan B

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