Sunday, January 3, 2010


We all need help on this road called life. A reading with Rose is like no other where she uses her gifts to give you many messages from your guides, angels, spirit and those who have passed on. These messages are meant to give you direction, awaken and uplift you on your journey. The Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit is here to aide you in your healing, grieving, gratitude and so much more. Rest in their stillness and walk away with peace of mind.

Step out of your comfort zone and learn to manifest what is within you, you have the power to open up and to reconnect to loved ones who have passed, to cut the cords to your past hurts, reconnect with nature and learn to see the world through God's eyes - we are exactly who we are suppose to be.

Receive the guidance and the tools you need in your life with a reading with Rose.

 All readings are available by phone or in person.

About Me

My first teachers were my parents. They taught me well as they went through their journey of healing, anger, love, hate, growing and learning. We all have a story and mine was filled with alcoholic abusive parents. The behaviors that were around me were controlled by negative emotions and fear. My parents choices were to live in darkness, instead of love and light. Today they are walking hand in hand in the spirit world. They have been brought back together to finish their journey in light.

I was 13 years old when my father died. It was a strange feeling when my father came to me from the other side, as a young child, it brought fear as I did not understand what was happening. There was one spirit that was always close to me that I called Jack. He brought the light, love and filled my heart.

Later in life I found out that Jack's real name was Archangel Michael. I still call him my Jack though! His guidance got me through a lot of unknown. Once in awhile I still became my worst enemy, but I had to realize that the choice was mine to make. The power of my thoughts was to heal, accept and let go.

I was stuck as I was always asking WHY and never in an energy or forgiveness. It became harder to keep silent and easier to run. My silence became my darkness and safety for many years. Then a true awakening happened, like many times before I had a choice to make. I could run again or awaken to my true abilities.

Regardless of the trauma I had to go through it as a wake up call and for a reconnection to my body, mind and soul. I'm grateful for every experience that I had to go through, regardless the pain, confusion, anger or guilt.

I first had to forgive myself, for not feeling worthy of love, a good life, good health but most of all I had to be proud of who I had become through adversity. There are no accidents - every experience can be one of learning. Healing begins again by accepting my life and the changes as an experience and not a punishment.

I can see now that I was meant to go through different rough experiences so that it could open up my spiritual abilities and help people heal on their journey too. I hope that my story may help you walk out of your darkness and towards your light.

May we learn and be there for each other. May all your power come from the beautiful light that is within you .

- Rose