Wednesday, November 2, 2016

AS A Medium

AS  A Medium I create space,so I can channel the energy of a Higher Source that is part of your soul Journey. At a young at a young age I could connect with Spirits not knowing the dept of this meaning or what the process was, I did struggle with the unfolding of my path,the miracles that unfolded as I accepted that being  able to connect in a higher energy. Meant  that I would be  a student to the spirit world so I would  have the wisdom and awareness to teach  the dept of a true connection with spirit.
It isnt about my story but about the present AWARENESS that changed my life.
A session is much more then receiving messages from your loved ones,or your guides,or validations of the  healing process. Its about creating space to co -create with Devine Energy of your Higher self or also called the spirit world, everyone can receive messages,grieving is a process of re- directing you to your higher self and re- awaken you to an inner channel of accepting your true state of BEING which is love,and that we are all as one,
As all our journeys connect us to a healing process of our inner awakening of our true path and purpose.