Sunday, January 3, 2010


We all need help on this road called life. A reading with Rose is like no other where she uses her gifts to give you many messages from your guides, angels, spirit and those who have passed on. These messages are meant to give you direction, awaken and uplift you on your journey. The Universe, Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit is here to aide you in your healing, grieving, gratitude and so much more. Rest in their stillness and walk away with peace of mind.

Step out of your comfort zone and learn to manifest what is within you, you have the power to open up and to reconnect to loved ones who have passed, to cut the cords to your past hurts, reconnect with nature and learn to see the world through God's eyes - we are exactly who we are suppose to be.

Receive the guidance and the tools you need in your life with a reading with Rose.

 All readings are available by phone or in person.


  1. Amazing reading - thank you!

  2. You helped me redirect where i was going. Just amazing!

  3. I can not thank you enough to help me get back on the right path

  4. Amazing reading - thank you. An unplanned reading that was very accurate and emotional. Highly recommended.