Thursday, October 13, 2011


written Sunday,13 March 2011 @11.59
Grateful for all those that are in my life And all those who are now a Memory
Friends  Begin  as strangers, u meet connect, laugh, share many moments,
as u learn from each other u share ALL!!
U become a true connection-union
U both grow together as u are both unique in your ability to just be there for each other.
Some friends are there forever in your life either in the present moment or as a memory.
FRIEND SHIP, some are meant to sail away like a ship, the memory of the voyage that was taken together is priceless and from the heart, in the present moment u are like u started.
Strangers --for the ship is no longer in view!!
The fog has set in and another journey begins for both of u!!
But here in the present moment there is peace and love without attachment,
Without expectation--just an even flow of love of the stranger that became a friend.
If u are in my life,or a memory--I thank u for being there!! my friend
Even when no words are spoken , I honor what we shared--
Love Always
Rose Marie Theriault

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