Monday, May 29, 2023

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 Sessions are based on Devine GUIDANCE &  HEALINGS.

 MEDIUM--connection with your loved ones.

  All sessions are not recorded by Rose-Marie Theriault, as form of privacy

 Clients are not encouraged to exceptions

Payment is due on BOOKING, Rebooking is an option ,no refund 24 hours before booked session.

This service doesn't not replace advice, treatments from a Medical Doctor or Mental Health Care Team.

I (The client) agree that participating in a session is free will, and the messages are considered to be safe and not harmful to my life, that I am still responsible for my choices after the session.

 You CAN ask questions at anytime if I feel it is helpful on my journey.

you can  participate in this session and you can voluntarily decline this service at anytime, voluntarily wave any claims against, (Rose-Marie Theriault ) .

I have carefully read the above info and waver of liability fully  understand its contents.

I voluntarily agree in the terms and conditions above.

once read and agree, you can book 




  1. Hello, I met you at the Wellness Expo in Moncton Oct 16, 2022. You are amazing Rose, thank you for this extraordinary meeting. L

    1. Your welcome Glad I could provide a sacred space to share.

  2. Please leave comments here on your phone or experience in person